dom & the flow

dom and the flow

Dom & The Flow (2008-2010) Was an instrumental "prog-pop" band/recording project. Unfortunately we all were always too busy with other things, so we never really gigged, a real shame, in my not so humble opinion. Sam Wooster, trumpet; Daisy Palmer, drums; Alex Pearson, bass; Dom Elias, violas, trombone, keyboards.


Nuevo (2009) written by Dom Elias. Horns arr. Sam Wooster

Groovy Slippers (2009) written by Dom Elias

Seven Eight (2009) written by Dom Elias

Back Of A Breakfast Cereal Box (2009) written by Dom Elias

Havaiana (2009) written by Dom Elias. Ukulele, Daisy Palmer



Pop up CD cover by PinaLou

PinaLou (2000-2006) gigged intensely in Bristol UK and on the West Country festival circuit. Bristol music 'zine "Venue" described PinaLou's album as "music to cook pasta by", which probably described it quite well.

The original Bristol line-up (as per pop-up of the "A Night In With..." album from left to right) Vic LeBillon, trumpet; Dom Elias, viola, vocals, keyboards, programming, Louise Pirie, vocals; Perry Pilloy, guitar; Brendan Harvey, bass. In 2002, Cris Piersenné took over on guitar, and Vanessa Chia joined on percussions, Pete Randall on bass. Dolan Jones joined on trumpet in 2003. After a few more changes, the last line up in 2006 featured Sam Wooster on trumpet, Daisy Palmer drums; Emma Holmes, turntables. The following 4 songs are from the album "A Night In With..." recorded with the original Bristol lineup.


Sunny Day — Music & Lyrics by Dom Elias, flute [...] From the

Mission — Music by Dom Elias, Lyrics by Dom Elias and Louise Pirie. From the album "A Night In With..."

This Is Me — Music & Lyrics by Dom Elias From the album "A Night In With..."

La Nuit Du Jour - Music by Dom Elias, From the album "A Night In With..."


pinaLou & the groove cabinet (1997-1999)

PinaLou & the Groove Cabinet was the Swiss incarnation of the band, with Louise Pirie, Vocals; Dom Elias, viola, keyboards, Porgramming and vocals, Christoph "Jake" Leistner, flugel and trumpet; Reto Hell, bass; and Matz, Saxophone.

The recordings were made with Logic 3.6, synched to an 8 track FOSTEX 1/4 inch tape recorder.


Believe Music by Dom Elias, From the EP "Groove Cabinet"

Maybe — Music by Dom Elias, From the EP "Groove Cabinet"




SoulRebone (1994-1997) was a band around singer and Saxophonist Kiri Atanga, with Reto Hell on bass; Christoph "Jake" Leistner on trumpet & flugel; and Dom Elias on viola, keys and programming. SoulReBone had a legendary concert in Istanbul's Kemanci club in 1996.

The following songs are copies from a c-casette of the original master on a MiniDisc.


All that is Left — Music by Dom Elias

Knock Knock — Music by Dom Elias

Spin — Music by Dom Elias